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Universal Art

Universal ArtUNIVERSAL ART, is the company, the business, and the motivation for life to thrive and succeed in your own business adventure. Whether you are a sales associate, account executive, manager, president, vice president, sports leader, restaurant, club owner, boutique designer, sole proprietor, corporate head, or an individual who desires success, UNIVERSAL ART is the company that can help you.

Lana Saldania has been a consultant in sales and marketing for over 20 years. In life as we live it, we all want to succeed, sell more product, have the best store front, the most popular eatery, have the best soccer team. In life often times, you want the position, then you are hired, or lucky you, you have inherited money so you open a fancy restaurant, club or boutique. The only problem is most of us are not taught the fundamentals of successful and strategic methods of sales and marketing. This is only learned through years of experience and hands on implementation and skill learned on location. UNIVERSAL ART is a unique company that will do one on one consultations, to group consultations, the goal is to teach motivation for life sales and marketing techniques to implementing marketing strategies for your start up business, or otherwise a business that is failing to bring in much needed traffic to increase revenue.

Let UNIVERSAL ART motivate you for life, then if you are motivated, everything else you do will be a success. Contact Lana for a consultation and for more information at 808-386-9001 or at

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